Commit ecffa10c authored by Steffen Müthing's avatar Steffen Müthing

[CMake] add version defines to the config.h.cmake

When checking for a certain dune-typetree version using
DUNE_VERSION_NEWER, the defines where not present and
the makro did not work.

Kudos to Andreas Nüßing for noticing the problem and providing a patch
for PDELab.
parent 1800ce2f
......@@ -27,6 +27,18 @@
/* end private */
/* Define to the version of dune-pdelab */
/* Define to the major version of dune-pdelab */
/* Define to the minor version of dune-pdelab */
/* Define to the revision of dune-pdelab */
/* Define to 1 if std::initializer_list is supported. */
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