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Extend jacobian interface of geometry classes

Carsten Gräser requested to merge feature/jacobianinverse into master

This adds methods jacobian(local) and jacobianInverse(local) and corresponding typedefs Jacobian and JacobianInverse for the return types to the Geometry interface. More specifically:

  • The new interface is implemented for all Geometry implementations provided by dune-geometry. All implementations return either a FieldMatrix or a DiagonalMatrix by value, even if jacobianTransposed() or jacobianInverseTransposed() provide cached references. Since this only involves transposing the cached matrix, it is still cheap, while not requiring to cache another to matrices.
  • This extends the test checkgeometry.hh by the new interface. This requires that all geometry implementations adopt the new interface as well.
  • By adjusting checkgeometry.hh this implicitly extends the requirements for the grid geometries. But a default implementation is provided there by dune-grid!577 (merged). Hence the latter should be merged before the present MR.

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