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WIP: Non-conforming manifold intersections

In test-alugrid we refine a manifold grid (a sphere) with a non-conforming refinement and project the newly inserted vertices onto the manifold. This leads to holes in the grid, where the faces of the children do not coincide with the face of the father and hence the face of the non-refined neighbor.

In dune-alugrid we have implemented the following convention for non-conforming intersections:

  1. intersection.geometry() returns the geometry of the refined intersection
  2. jInv returns the jacobian belonging to intersection.geometry, so also the refined variant
  3. integrationElement also belongs to the intersection.geometry
  4. outerNormal belongs to the element, so for the non-refined element orthogonal to the non-refined intersection

This leads to the following errors for one of the neighboring elements:

  1. |integrationElement| != |integrationOuterNormal|
  2. outerNormal not orthogonal to intersection.geometry
  3. concatenation of geometryInInside and insideGeometry != intersection.geometry

So this merge request disables these checks for non-conforming intersections on manifolds.

Edited by Robert K

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