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WIP: [AMG] Coarse solver from solverfactory

Nils-Arne Dreier requested to merge coarse_solver_from_solverfactory into master

This MR enables the creation of the coarse solver in AMG from a ParameterTree using the solver factory. As mentioned in #81. I tried to mimic the (not trivial) behavior that is currently implemented if no coarse solver config is given. Furthermore it fixes #62.

There are a few issues:

  • This MR depends on !421 (merged) (should be merged before)
  • The solver factory does not support parallel operators, even if only on process is involved (addressed by !428 (closed) !453 )
  • The direct solvers do not support vector types with an allocator different from the allocator of the matrix. This is why the CI fails currently. (addressed by !423)
Edited by Christian Engwer

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