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      [!113] Run-time container for LocalFiniteElement objects using std::variant · 50ea109d
      Oliver Sander authored
      Merge branch 'introduce-lfe-variant' into 'master'
      ref:core/dune-localfunctions This patch introduces a container that can store
      a LocalFiniteElement object whose precise type is only known at run-time.
      Internally, it uses std::variant.
      Pro: Much simpler code than full type erasure Pro: Possibly a bit faster, too,
      but there are no measurements (yet) Con: The set of possibly types has to be
      known beforehand
      It is argued that the 'con' is not severe. The main intended use for
      LocalFiniteElementVariant is to switch between LocalFiniteElements for
      different grid element types at run-time. Sets of such LocalFiniteElements are
      typically small and known at compile time.
      -   [x] Port this from std::variant to Dune::Std::variant
      -   [x] Write a unit test
      -   [x] Write a changelog entry
      -   [x] Better inline documentation
      See merge request [!113]
        [!113]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-localfunctions/merge_requests/113
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