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Draft: Update to DUNE v2.7

Lukas Riedel requested to merge update-to-dune-v27 into master

What does this MR do?

Make DORiE compatible to DUNE v2.7.

  • Bump default branches of used DUNE modules.
  • Bump Docker base image version.
  • Adapt code base to changes in DUNE v2.7.

Is there something that needs to be double checked?

Can this MR be accepted?

  • Implemented updates to code base and infrastructure
  • Added/Updated tests:
    • ...
  • Added/Updated documentation
  • Pipeline passing
  • Squash option set
  • Delete branch option set
  • Added entry to

Assignee: If the Squash option is set, check/update the commit message right before merging!

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Closes #210

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