Commit e74be396 authored by Oliver Sander's avatar Oliver Sander

[!65] corrected return type of loadBalance function

Merge branch 'issue/loadbalance_return_type' into 'master'

ref:extensions/dune-foamgrid The function loadBalance() should return a bool,
not void.

See merge request [!65]

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......@@ -540,15 +540,16 @@ public:
/** \brief Distributes this grid over the available nodes in a distributed machine
template<class DataHandle>
void loadBalance(DataHandle& data)
bool loadBalance(DataHandle& data)
return loadBalance();
void loadBalance()
bool loadBalance()
if (comm().size() > 1)
DUNE_THROW(Dune::NotImplemented, "Load balancing not implemented. Foamgrid does not run in parallel yet!");
return false;
/** \brief The communication interface
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