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    Merge branch 'releases/2.0' · 0eadb071
    Steffen Müthing authored
    Pull in fixes from release branch
    * releases/2.0:
      [Release] Update version information and release notes for 2.0.0
      [Documentation] Mention dune-typetree source package download location
      [Buildsystem] Clean up build in boilerplateturial
      [Boilerplate] Make sure to use correct geometry type for all grids
      [Git] Add build-cmake to .gitignore.
      [Documentation] Remove unecessary LaTeX packages.
      [Documentation] Fix introduction of 2.0 release in RELEASE_NOTES
      [Documentation] Update release notes and bump version to 2.0.0-rc2
      [Dependencies] Bump version requirements of the core modules to 2.3.1
      [Documentation] Remove notice to use the release branch of the core modules - 2.3.1 has been released
      [Cleanup] Fix trailing whitespace in Howto TeX files
      [Howto] Fix compilation problem in beamer mode
      [Bugfix][Howto] Work around abug in the interaction between KOMAScript and headings
      [Howto] Fix warnings about deprecated LaTeX macros
      [Release] Update version information for dune-pdelab-howto 2.0.0-rc1