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    Let GridFactory::createGrid return ToUniquePtr · 5c26f993
    Oliver Sander authored
    Until now, the method GridFactory::createGrid returned the grid object
    it created as a plain C pointer.  That way, it was not obvious from
    the API who was to keep the responsibility for eventually deleting
    the object: the GridFactory or the calling code.  At the 2017 Dune
    Dev Meeting in Heidelberg it was decided that the method should
    really return a std::unique_ptr instead, to make it clear that the
    calling code gets the ownership of the new object.  To ease the
    transition towards the new interface, the class ToUniquePtr was
    introduced in dune-common.  Objects of that type are std::unique_ptr
    objects, but they also cast to C pointers.  That way, code that calls
    createGrid can still store the return value in a C pointer (but will
    trigger a deprecation warning).
    However, there does not seem to be a way to ensure similar compatibility
    for implementors of third-party grid implementations.  Those will have
    to adapt their implementations of GridFactory::createGrid to the new
    return value.
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