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[python] Add bindings for SubspaceBasis

Carsten Gräser requested to merge feature/python-subspacebasis into master

This shares most of the code with the bindings for GlobalBasis. However, the constructor call is different and SubspaceBasis does not support basis.update(gridView).

Ingredients to achieve this:

  • Let registerGlobalBasis() use the official interface to derive the Tree type and to construct a LocalView.
  • Extract the generic part of registerGlobalBasis() as registerBasisType().
  • Use registerBasisType() in the new registerSubspaceBasis() call.
  • Add a python-method subspaceBasis(basis, ...). This does internally always use fully static tree paths which avoids the need for explicit bindings of HybridTreePath.
  • Add missing functionality in Tree bindings.
  • Make interpolation checks aware of subspace bases.
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