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Support FMT 9

Santiago Ospina De Los Ríos requested to merge cherry-pick-a1f18ac6 into releases/2.7

Fmt 9

Closes #1 (closed)

See merge request !19 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit a1f18ac6)

  • 13a6d8b4 Update CI
  • 75b7d612 Merge branch 'update-ci' into 'master'
  • 80e3e717 Replace %F and %T with their longer versions which are more portable
  • 1795c4b5 Merge branch 'fix_1_bad_alloc' into 'master'
  • 993de9e0 Add support for fmt v8
  • 73a703dc Update author list
  • 2f5c8bee Merge branch 'feature/update-list-of-authors' into 'master'
  • 6c9ebd1e Update version to 2.8-git
  • cba68bc5 Merge branch 'feature/update-version' into 'master'
  • 154bd7b2 Remove warnings about to_true_type struct
  • 061ecdbd Merge branch 'feature/remove-2.8-warnings' into 'master'
  • 3177b90d Update changelog
  • 39e3ca6f add support for fmt v9

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