1. 16 Sep, 2021 4 commits
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      [test] Add test for ComposedGridFunction · 29c2f988
      Carsten Gräser authored
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      Add ComposedGridFunction · 30757956
      Carsten Gräser authored
      For given inner grid functions `g0`, ..., `gn` and an
      outer function `f` this implements the grid function
      mapping `x`  to `f(g0(x), ..., gn(x))`. It is assumed
      that the grid functions are defined on the same
      `EntitySet` and that their range type can be passed to
      the outer function.
      All functions are stored by value. Storing references
      is possible using passing `std::ref(f)`. To resolve
      extended methods internally this makes use of the
      `Dune::Functions::resolveRef()` utility.
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      Add utilities for std::reference_wrapper · e66acc60
      Carsten Gräser authored
      This adds the following helpers for handling `std::reference_wrapper`:
      * A predicate `IsReferenceWrapper_v<R>` for detecting if
        `R` is a `std::reference_wrapper<T>`.
      * A helper function `resolveRef` for resolving references
        wrapped in `std::reference_wrapper`. For type `T` providing
        a method `T::foo()` this allows to transparently use
        `resolveRef(t).foo()` if `t` is either a plain `T` or
        a `std::reference_wrapper<T>`.
      * A type alias `ResolveRef_t<T>` to determine the resolved
        type for `T`.
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      Merge branch 'introduce-periodic-basis' into 'master' · 95ca73de
      Oliver Sander authored
      Introduce PeriodicBasis
      See merge request !263
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      Merge branch 'bugfix/python_with_clang' into 'master' · cfe608a4
      Andreas Dedner authored
      fix some issues when using python bindings with clang - some minor errors and a double registry issue
      See merge request !302
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      Introduce PeriodicBasis · 3ae8ae10
      Oliver Sander authored
      PeriodicBasis is a meta basis---a basis that is parametrized
      with another basis.  In a PeriodicBasis, global degrees of freedom
      of the host basis can be grouped into equivalence classes,
      which are then treated as single global degrees of freedom by the
      PeriodicBasis.  This allows, in particular, to implement periodic
      boundary conditions for discretizations without intersection
      As there was some controversy about whether such a basis is really
      needed the implementation is in the namespace
      Dune::Functions::Experimental for now.  That will the code some
      more exposure.
      Thanks go to Carsten Gräser, who wrote a lot of code in this commit.
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