1. 19 Feb, 2015 4 commits
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    • Steffen Müthing's avatar
      [Utility] Add infrastructure to handle operator->() for both lvalues and proxies · 7623a530
      Steffen Müthing authored
      If an iterator facade (like entity iterators) wants to allow the
      embedded implementation to return either an (internally stored)
      reference or a temporary object and expose these two behaviors to enable
      performance optimizations, operator->() needs special handling: If the
      implementation returns a reference, operator->() in the facade can
      simply return the address of the referenced object, but if the returned
      object is a temporary, we need to capture and store it in a helper
      object to make sure it outlives the member access.
      This patch adds a little helper function that tansparently handles both
    • Dominic Kempf's avatar
    • Steffen Müthing's avatar
      [ForLoop] Port ForLoop TMP to C++11 · 732ca75c
      Steffen Müthing authored
      The ForLoop TMP used to put a number of restrictions on the arguments to
      apply(), mainly due to the limited capabilities of C++01 wrt. to
      argument forwarding.
      But now we have C++11, so we can throw away all that awkward code and
      replace it with a single forwarding function that supports arbitrary
      numbers of arbitrary combinations of lvalues and rvalues - all hail
      variadic templates and perfect forwarding!
    • Steffen Müthing's avatar
      Merge branch 'feature/FS1535-cmake-sourcedir-to-builddir-utilities' · 7175e4f2
      Steffen Müthing authored
      This branch adds CMake macros for copying / symlinking files from the source
      directory to the build directory and for adding a symlink back to the corresponding
      directory in the source tree into every directory in the build tree.
      * feature/FS1535-cmake-sourcedir-to-builddir-utilities:
        [CMake] Do copies as a fall-back if symlinks are not available on the platform
        [Cmake] Add macros for copying files from the source tree to the build tree.
        [CMake] add macro dune_symlink_to_source_files
        [CMake] Add macro dune_symlink_to_source_tree
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  10. 29 Jan, 2015 3 commits
    • Dominic Kempf's avatar
      [CMake] Recognize UMFPack in compatibility layer · 13de6088
      Dominic Kempf authored
      The UMFPack test has been added after CMake, so I simply
      didnt know that it should be placed here, too.
    • Dominic Kempf's avatar
      [Bugfix][CMake] Fix problem with compatibility layer and parallel builds. · b57a46c0
      Dominic Kempf authored
      The compatibility layer disabled MPI whenever it did not find
      the --enable-parallel flag. This is overeager and harmful if users
      are gradually switching to replacing the configure flags with real
      cmake flags.
      Consider an opts file, with the following content:
      The compatibility layer would now parse the non-existent CONFIGURE_FLAGS
      variable for an --enable-parallel option and disable MPI because it was
      not found. The -DCMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_MPI=TRUE supersedes the USE_MPI=ON
      and we get a sequential build.
      The fix applied in this patch removes the else clause and only adds
      cmake flags when the --enable-parallel flag was found. To still explicitly
      allow to force sequential builds, the --disable-parallel flag is parsed
      in the same manner.
    • Christoph Grüninger's avatar
      [CMake] Treat suggested dune-modules as OPTIONAL. · 2b1a0a03
      Christoph Grüninger authored
      RECOMMENDED created new categories in the summary.
      Technically there are no differences.
  11. 28 Jan, 2015 2 commits
    • Dominic Kempf's avatar
      [CMake] add macro dune_symlink_to_source_files · 1ca7dbfd
      Dominic Kempf authored
      add symlinks to the build tree, which point to files in the source tree.
      Foreach file given in "files", a symlink of that name is created in the
      corresponding build directory. Use for ini files, grid files etc. A warning
      is issued on Windows systems.
    • Dominic Kempf's avatar
      [CMake] Add macro dune_symlink_to_source_tree · 61841f1f
      Dominic Kempf authored
      Add a symlink called src_dir to all directories in the build tree.
      That symlink points to the corresponding directory in the source tree.
      Call the macro from the toplevel CMakeLists.txt file of your project.
      You can also call it from some other directory, creating only symlinks
      in that directory and all directories below. A warning is issued on
      Windows systems.
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    • Dominic Kempf's avatar
      [CMake][Bugfix] Fix two typos in the metis test · 9addf077
      Dominic Kempf authored
      Tried to include CheckSymbolExists instead of CheckFunctionExists.
      The wrong include only triggered in a very rare case, where
      the module had not been included from elsewhere in the project.
      Also, a typo in a library variable.
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