1. 20 Nov, 2019 6 commits
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      [!526] [MPI] Add nonblocking communication and a uniform MPI data model · 282c0f8a
      Christian Engwer authored
      Merge branch 'feature/nonblocking_mpi' into 'master'
      ref:core/dune-common This MR adds nonblocking communication methods to
      Furthermore we introduced a class MPIData that stores an object or a reference
      and provides information for sending and receiving the object or reference
      (pointer, length, MPI_Datatype). That works with objects that are represented
      consecutively in memory (e.g. std::string, std:::vector, Dune::DynamicVector),
      but could be extended for generic datatypes e.g. used with serialization. The
      MPIData object is stored within the MPIFuture to ensure that the object stays
      alive until the communication is complete (does not work with references, of
      For examples see mpifuturetest.cc.
      -   [x] Add fallback methods to CollectiveCommunication<void>
      -   [x] Add nonblocking MPI benchmark
      See merge request [!526]
        [!526]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/merge_requests/526
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  4. 15 Nov, 2019 6 commits
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      [cleanup] Drop transition code from Autotools · 099db728
      Christoph Grüninger authored
      Autotools is gone quite some time now. No need to keep this tools.
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      [!246] Extend parametertreeparser; fixes #54 (first proposal) · 97229ab6
      Christian Engwer authored
      Merge branch 'feature/extend-ptparser-1' into 'master'
      ref:core/dune-common The parametertree parser can now handle
      \[prefix\] \# comment key = value
      See merge request [!246]
        [!246]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/merge_requests/246
      Closes #54
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      [!277] [bugfix] make computation of eigenvalues using Lapack work for dim < 3 · d1e3af04
      Christian Engwer authored
      Merge branch 'bugfix/eigenvalues-fieldmatrix' into 'master'
      -   changed parameter w to lwork to be consistent with documentation of dsyev
      -   set parameter lwork to 3\*n-1 see dsyev for eigenvalue calculation for dim
          \< 3
      See merge request [core/dune-common!277]
        [core/dune-common!277]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/merge_requests/277
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      [!436] Better test whether standard library supports aligned_alloc() · 714027f7
      Christian Engwer authored
      Merge branch 'issue/aligned_allocator' into 'master'
      ref:core/dune-common This fixes [#111]
      ### Summary
      Added a cmake compile-test to check whether the used standard library provides
      the function aligned_alloc(). The Dune::AlignedAllocator implementation is
      adapted, using the introduced config variable DUNE_HAVE_C_ALIGNED_ALLOC.
      ### Motivation
      I have added a cmake test for standard library function aligned_alloc() since
      it cannot be detected in the code whether this function exists. The old test
      `#if __APPLE__` was not enough. E.g. on our cluster, the standard library does
      not support aligned_alloc() for some reasons and thus, the compile fails to
      compile the AlignedAllocator, although there are alternatives already
      ### TODO
      Additionally, I've added an error message if neither aligned_alloc nor
      posix_memalign is available on a system. But, since I do not have an Apple
      system I cannot test this completely.
      The branch can be merged when someone confirms, that the condition
          #if !(DUNE_HAVE_C_ALIGNED_ALLOC || (_POSIX_C_SOURCE >= 200112L || _XOPEN_SOURCE >= 600))
      works fine on systems with Apple's standard library. This test assumes that a
      posix library of a minimal version always provides the posix_memalign()
      Maybe an additional cmake compile-test should be added to test for this
      function as well.
      See merge request [!436]
        [#111]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/111
        [!436]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/merge_requests/436
      Closes #111
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      [!671] Correctly set python interpreter when creating a virtualenv · 814ba6aa
      Christian Engwer authored
      Merge branch 'bugfix/set-python-interpreter-for-virtualenv' into 'master'
      ref:core/dune-common This makes sure that the python version in the virtualenv
      matches the one found during configuration.
      See merge request [core/dune-common!671]
        [core/dune-common!671]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/merge_requests/671
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      [!266] Provide overloaded functions with MPI_Comm specifically. · d5f6d433
      Christian Engwer authored
      Merge branch 'fix-failing-mpiguard-test' into 'master'
      ref:core/dune-common For MPT with gcc 6.x the template parameter C somehow
      became an anonymous enum leading to usage of GenericGuardCommunicator as an
      abstract class.
      This is an attempt to fix this. It is mostly guess work, though.
      Partial fix for [#76]
      See merge request [core/dune-common!266]
        [#76]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/76
        [core/dune-common!266]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/merge_requests/266
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      [cmake] Call FindMETIS from FindParMETIS · d85085a0
      Christoph Grüninger authored
      Thanks to Simon Praetorius for providing the patch idea.
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      [!438] added XXX_LIB_NAME to correctly find scotchmetis and ptscotchparmetis libraries · dc2dc152
      Christoph Grüninger authored
      Merge branch 'issue/cmake_find_scotch_parmetis' into 'master'
      ### Summary
      Added METIS_LIB_NAME and PARMETIS_LIB_NAME in find_library calls to correctly
      find scotchmetis and ptscotchparmetis libraries.
      ### Motivation
      Default METIS library name is metis and for ParMETIS parmetis. Some
      implementations of the (Par)METIS interface provide libraries with different
      names, e.g. scotchmetis and ptscotchparmetis. In order to find also these
      libraries correctly the cmake variables METIS_LIB_NAME and PARMETIS_LIB_NAME
      are introduced. This was already done correctly in FindMETIS.cmake but not in
      FindParMETIS.cmake and thus, the (PT)Scotch(Par)METIS libraries were not found
      correctly for the default installation of scotch. With this MR, also ParMETIS
      from scotch can be found correctly, by using the changed library names.
      ### USAGE
          CMAKE_FLAGS=" \
           -DMETIS_DIR=[SCOTCH_METIS_DIR] -DMETIS_LIB_NAME=scotchmetis \
      See merge request [!438]
        [!438]: gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/merge_requests/438
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      added METIS_LIB_NAME and PARMETIS_LIB_NAME to correctly find scotchmetis and... · ea6d57df
      Simon Praetorius authored
      added METIS_LIB_NAME and PARMETIS_LIB_NAME to correctly find scotchmetis and ptscotchparmetis libraries
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